Finance & Banking

Providing security to Financial and Banking sector clients means more than just protecting the organisation itself, but ensuring safety for the assets of thousands of customers that depend on it.

We understand the intricacies in processes of different organisations can be varied. That means developing strong partnerships – Enfield Security has partnered with a number of large multinational financial institutions to deliver varied security services ranging from customer service at corporate offices to high level security at data centres which are vital to business continuity.

As such, our officers are trained across every aspect of the contract to allow for varied roles and a broad team skill set. Common requirements associated with multisite financial institutions include monitoring high-risk areas, customer and staff safety plus managing restricted access. Enfield Security assists Canada’s leading financial institutions with providing a comprehensive security solution that protects assets and customers, lowers operational costs, and improves the ROI of your physical security systems. Let us develop a solution for you.